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  • May 18, 2021
  • CompareCv
10 Effective Tips To Make An Impressive Resume

A Resume is the key component in any job application procedure. It holds the potential to secure interviews, get you noticed and ultimately land you a job offer. Therefore, it is important that anyone looking for a job approaches this sometimes burdensome task with a better understanding and flexibility, which in turn will help them have a well tailored Resume and make them stand out from the pile.
You definitely have heard a lot about what goes in the resume, about following a structure or a template, but not so much on how you go about them. And how to do it is exactly what we'll look at today. So grab a pen and a paper and take notes.

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Tip 1: Keep your profile short yet informative.

A recruiter who goes through hundreds of resumes in a day is most likely to just brush over lengthy sentences and paragraphs.

Tip 2: Pick appropriate not big words and phrases

Use simple yet significant words that describe your strengths well. Make sure you do not appear overconfident or misleading.

Tip 3: State only what's true

It does not matter how many pages your resume is made of, avoid exaggeration and keep it authentic. Cut out any irrelevant or outdated information.

Tip 4: List the most important points first

Line up your best qualities and highest qualifications and experiences towards the top. This will make sure your recruiters don't overlook it.

Tip 5: Focus more on what you can do for them

Show them what you have to offer and not just what they want from you. Do this by stating the concrete details of your previous achievements.

Tip 6: Add on your Education and Experiences

Mention additional information like online certificate courses, passion projects, volunteer programs, charity events and fundraisers that you may have been a part of. They all add great value to your resume.

Tip 7 : Add professional website, social links, if any, under contact information

Hiring managers may sometimes prefer to research their potential candidates and their expertise. If you do add the above in your resume, make sure you have them up-to-date.

Tip 8: Let it be readable

Use a professional font and a font size that is easy on the eyes. Maintain enough white space to avoid the clutter. Stick to bullet points rather than long paragraphs(see Tip 1).

Tip 9: Pair it with a complimentary cover letter

The highlight to your Resume, a cover letter provides an insight into who you are as an individual and an employee. It is used to add more detail to your bullet points and reinforce the information you've listed inside your resume. Creating a catchy cover is now easier with CompareCVs Cover Letter Generator.

Tip 10: Proofread and Verif

Once completed, re-read the document to check if you've missed any essential information. Check on the numbers you have mentioned. Look out for any spelling and punctuation mistakes.

If you are not so good at identifying the errors yourself, get help from our online CV and Resume comparing platform. This website application helps Job seekers verify the resume content by not just proofreading your document but also weighing it with the chosen job profile, and then suggesting necessary changes.

Bonus Tip

Always research on the company you are applying for to match your values, skills and experiences to that of the company and the job role. This will help you put all these tips into better practice and be more certain about the text you can provide.
There you have the instructions and resources you need for the creation of an outstanding resume. We hope this has eased your overwhelm and confusion surrounding the whole resume building process.
Roll up your sleeves, fire up your computer, get to work and come back to tell us that you've landed your dream job! Good luck